Building digital literacy, 3 foundational terms

May 7, 2021 | DV$ Update | 0 comments

Today’s quick bite of digital terminology knowledge

Digital Health*: Digital health connects and empowers people and populations to manage health and wellness, augmented by accessible and supportive provider teams working within flexible, integrated, interoperable, and digitally-enabled care environments that strategically leverage digital tools, technologies and services to transform care delivery.              *HIMSS Definition (newly revised)

Digital Health Management*:Provider organizations who optimize, redesign or build new clinical processes, management systems and potentially even infrastructure, enabled by underlying digitized networking infrastructure of interconnected assets, to provide a valuable service or insight which was not possible or available earlier, to achieve better patient care, experience and operational efficiency.” *WHO Definition

        DHI Tip:

  • The critical component is the ability to provide a valuable service of insight
  • Making the hospital paperless (although a great achievement) is not sufficient
  • Intelligent health systems have alignment of clinical processes and management systems

Digital Health Management Framework: Data alone is not an insight or information.  Data is being collected today, although not necessarily from all systems, but generally is not integrated and automated together to derive ‘smart’ insight, which can be done by feeding it into analytics or machine learning software. Insights must be accessible to the user – a hospital administrator, finance, decision support, revenue cycle, supply chain, clinical department heads, facilities personnel, or any other stakeholder – to empower them to make critical decisions faster, improving their efficiency.