Digital Momentum During Disruption for Rural Health Providers

Jun 15, 2021 | Chief Brief | 0 comments

Rural health providers continue to experience extreme disruption in their regulatory and business enviornments. The impacts on strategic planning and fiscal forecasting extend to all areas at a time when the need for digital innovation is at peak.  Clinicians and patients need expanded capabilities to support virtual care, tele-health, and remote patient monitoring. Patients expect robust digital front doors and enhanced engagement features.  Administrators require actionable analytics and insights.  Add to this the brewing need to alleviate staff frustrations to avoid a retention crisis and it’s easy to see the need for a digital strategy. 

Timing for digital initiatives is on the forefront of every healthcare executive today.  Rural health executives are in a unique position due to increasing margin pressure and regulatory uncertainty.  A solid digital strategy boosts operational and clinical performance. Building the strategy in steps provides a flexibly approach that can be customized to the unique environment of a rural health organization.  Here are some proactive steps CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs can take to build momentum while evaluating overall shifts in strategic plans while improving budgetary planning controls.


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